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BabesNetwork is a porn website, filled with many different types of adult film. It’s an old provider, and they don’t specialize in any one niche. Instead, it’s a generalized website. It’s also an independent studio, which means some of the movies hosted here are made by them. And, actually, a lot of them are also given over to other websites.

Meaning and History

The website was created in 2001, which means it’s one of the oldest currently functional websites. That being said, it’s not too popular: there are millions of unique users, but there could be more considering the website’s age. The name doesn’t really allure to anything, it’s a general concept.

2001 – today

BabesNetwork Logo

The logo is the word ‘Babes’, written in only lowercase sans-serif letters. There’s also the part ‘com’, written vertically along the main word’s right edge. The font is pretty similar, but the letters are obviously smaller, and the coloring is just dark turquoise. In ‘Babes’, the letters are largely white, except for the middle ‘b’, which is turquoise.

Font-wise, the characters are meant to be wide, but also squat, making their proportions square in form.