Amex Logo

Amex Logo

In addition to the Gladiator Head emblem, Amex also has a simpler wordmark logo given in the blue-and-white color scheme.

Meaning and history Amex Logo

Amex Logo

The American Express Company, more often called just Amex, was founded in 1850 as an express mail business. Over its freight shipping years, Amex used a logotype depicting a watchdog lying on a trunk.

Gladiator symbol Amex

symbol Amex

In 1958, a new Amex logo was trademarked. It was described as a gladiator on a shield or just as a Gladiator Head Design. In fact, quite a few people have pointed out that the emblem looks more like a centurion than a gladiator. Centurions, who were commanding officers in ancient Rome, wore a much fancier headgear than gladiators, who typically were just slaves. So, it is not unreasonable to name the man on the logo a centurion rather than a gladiator. However, the official description states that this is a gladiator.

Emblem Amex

Emblem Amex

The wordmark sports the name of the company in blue letters with a bold white outline. Since 1975, when the logo was adopted, the corporation has experimented with shades of blue and visual effects. The current logo features light blue and a 3D effect.

Font of the Amex Logo

Font Amex Logo

The typeface has much in common with the Handel Gothic Bold typeface developed by Don Handel. However, it is not exactly the same font, just a similar one.

Color of the Amex Logo

Color Amex Logo

The shade of blue featured on the Amex logo evokes the color of the sky and brings the sensations of peace and stability. The white elements make the resemblance even closer, as white is the color of the clouds.

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