American universities with the most creative logos

University small logo

College years are usually filled with freedom, fun, and joy, although not all young people expect such a high and intensive workload that takes so much time and effort. While you can always pay for college essay to reduce a stress level and meet your deadlines, it gives time to concentrate on other things: your social relationships, part-time job, relaxing, sports, and other activities. For example, have you ever noticed what your college`s logo looks like? Even though not so many people think about college as a real brand, some logos do deserve your attention, providing professionally looking original designs.

Designing a recognizable logo, colleges stand out, thus, encouraging younger school seniors to apply. In this guide, we will talk about the best logo designs American higher educational institutions can be proud of.

Top most original college logos in the US

Picking a college, you make a really important (if not the first important) choice in your life, and what is the first thing you pay attention to when opening the website? Probably, the logo if it`s bright enough to stand out. A good logo becomes the visual part of the institution`s brand: it symbolizes its values and helps to attract more students. Some colleges and universities in America have done a really good job to make their logos recognizable, and on this list, you can find some interesting design examples:

1. Yale University

Yale University

As one of America’s most famous, old, prestigious (put any other suitable adjective here) universities, it owns a really interesting logo. Its colors are simple, but lettering looks more significant as it was a necessary subject in school back to its early days. Printed on the logo words are better translated as Light and also as Truth. It symbolizes knowledge and immunity of all students;

2. Washington State Uni

Washington State Uni

In other words, the well-known Wazzu (the name was received from many current and already graduated students) has one of the top modern and relevant logo designs compared to other institutions. The abbreviation comes with a cougar (this animal is a university`s talisman), while chosen colors make it more distinctive and professionally looking;

3. Princeton Uni

Princeton Uni

This university used to be a theological academy, and it impacted the logo, recalling the history and its religious roots. It has such elements as a crest (it is worth mentioning becomes it is tightly connected to Yale), and words meaning that she flourishes under God`s power. Even though the university has nothing to do with religion anymore, the logo with a clear reference to the Bible reminds about old times;

4. New York colleges

New York colleges

The CUNY (abbreviation for the community) is not just one institution but a big college ecosystem being in union with multiple other universities. As its organization differs a lot from other institutions, the logo is also specific. It is simple but gives the right effect: a colored square with the initials of the school placed in the center. Anyone who has seen it called it effective and a good choice;

5. Arizona State University

Arizona State UniversityEven though the university has a seal, its logo is more recognizable. There are three letters made in maroon color (official college color) and also gold color picturing the sun hidden behind the second letter. Thus, it has the specific colors of the school talisman and becomes a great choice portraying both the institution and its sunny state – Arizona;

6. University of Howard

University of Howard

Initially, this institution was founded for black people only and soon after the war. For this reason, its logo shows patriotism described in colors of the American flag. Another great distinction is the original seal resembling federal seals used today. The words put in the center of the logo mean God and also mean Country making students remember about the identity and historical roots;

7. Pennsylvania University

The nickname of the university Penn is so famous that it is even used on its official logo. It is blue and describes a mountain lion: a real one that was some time ago found here and the school`s talisman. The overall graphics look not modern but traditional back to the years when the institution was founded;

8. Indiana University

Indiana University

Compared to other universities that make their logos bright with colors symbolizing different important things, this one has chosen text only. Nevertheless, it doesn`t make it less recognizable, attractive, or professionally-looking. Done in crimson color and bold font, the letters make a good impression of becoming an appropriate and simple design (good enough to serve for years to come).

As you can see, branding is one of the important elements of any university`s image: it doesn`t necessarily have to be similar to a Mona Lisa masterpiece fit in three letters (we are talking about the complexity now), but sometimes simple solutions make a powerful and professionally-looking logo recognized by thousands of students. And what is on your college`s logo?