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The Albania National Football Team represents Albania in men’s international football competitions and is governed by the Albanian Football Federation (FSHF). This entity is responsible for all forms of football in Albania. The team participates primarily in UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) competitions. The Albanian Football Federation, which oversees the national team, operates across the nation, promoting and managing the sport at all levels, from amateur leagues to the professional tiers.

Meaning and history

Albania National Football Team Logo history

The Albania National Football Team was officially formed in 1930, with its inaugural international match played against Yugoslavia in 1946. Over the decades, the team struggled to make a significant impact in international football but has seen a notable resurgence in recent years. Their most significant achievement came in 2016 when Albania qualified for the European Championship for the first time in its history. This achievement marked a significant milestone, reflecting the steady progress in their footballing prowess and infrastructure. Today, the Albanian team is ranked within the middle tier of UEFA’s team rankings, reflecting its growing capabilities and ambition on the European stage. This upward trajectory is supported by improved training facilities and a focus on developing local talent, positioning Albania to build on its recent successes.

What is the Albania National Football Team?
It’s a sports entity representing Albania in international men’s football. Governed by the Albanian Football Federation, it competes in UEFA competitions, striving to showcase Albanian talent and teamwork on the global stage.

1930 – 1935

Albania National Football Team Logo 1930

The 1930 logo of the Albania National Football Team features a minimalist yet striking design, with a prominent black double-headed eagle set against a clean white background. The eagle, a symbol deeply rooted in Albanian history and national identity, is depicted in a traditional heraldic style, exuding power and vigilance. This design choice underscores the team’s dedication and strength. The eagle’s heads, facing opposite directions, signify the unity and dual sovereignty over Albania’s historical lands. The wings are spread wide, symbolizing freedom and the far-reaching influence of Albanian culture. The intricate detailing of the feathers adds a touch of elegance to the logo, enhancing its visual appeal. This logo not only represents the football team but also serves as a proud emblem of Albanian heritage, embodying the spirit and resilience of the nation as it embarked on its journey in international football.

1935 – 1948

Albania National Football Team Logo 1935

The 1935 logo of the Albania National Football Team is an evolution from its earlier design, incorporating more elaborate elements while retaining the iconic double-headed eagle. This version places the eagle within a red shield, enhancing its visual prominence and adding a layer of protection and valor to the symbolism. The red background, a color synonymous with bravery and strength, further emphasizes the team’s fighting spirit. Surrounding the shield is a detailed wreath, often associated with victory and honor, indicating the team’s aspirations and achievements. At the top of the shield, a stylized helmet signifies readiness for battle, aligning with the competitive nature of football. Below the shield, the word “FERT” is repeated, a historical motto linked with perseverance and dedication. This richly detailed logo reflects a period of growth and ambition for the team, embedding deeper historical and cultural significances into its identity.

1948 – 1992

Albania National Football Team Logo 1948

The 1948 logo of the Albania National Football Team features a more complex and symbolically rich design, reflecting the era’s emphasis on unity and national pride. The central element remains the double-headed eagle, now surrounded by an elaborate laurel wreath, symbolizing peace and victory. The eagle, still a powerful symbol of Albania, is rendered in black, signifying the nation’s enduring strength and courage. Above the eagle, a single star represents the guiding principles and aspirations of the team. The year “24 MAJ 1944” inscribed below the eagle marks a significant historical date, linking the team’s identity to a pivotal moment in Albania’s history. This date likely commemorates an important national event, infusing the logo with deeper patriotic meaning. The inclusion of golden wheat ears around the design symbolizes prosperity and growth, reflecting the team’s hopes for future success. This logo encapsulates a blend of historical reverence and forward-looking ambition.

1992 – 1996

Albania National Football Team Logo 1992

The 1992 logo of the Albania National Football Team marks a modernized and streamlined approach to the team’s visual identity. The double-headed eagle, a consistent element across all logos, is now enclosed within a circular emblem. This circle, rendered in black and red, Albania’s national colors, provides a striking contrast and emphasizes unity and continuity. The text “FEDERATA SHQIPTARE E FUTBOLLIT” encircles the eagle, indicating the governing body of Albanian football. The use of a bold, sans-serif typeface gives the logo a contemporary feel, aligning with the era’s design trends. The year “1930” is prominently displayed, honoring the team’s foundation and long-standing history in international football. This logo blends traditional symbols with modern design elements, creating a timeless representation of the team’s identity, resilience, and dedication to the sport.

1996 – 2014

Albania National Football Team Logo 1996

The 1996 logo of the Albania National Football Team further refines and modernizes its predecessors’ designs. The double-headed eagle remains central, depicted in a striking black silhouette against a red circular background. This version simplifies the elements for a cleaner, more contemporary look, while still maintaining the powerful symbolism of the eagle. The circular design is bordered by a white ring with the text “FEDERATA SHQIPTARE E FUTBOLLIT” in black, clearly denoting the Albanian Football Federation. The year “1930” is included within the ring, paying homage to the team’s historical roots. This minimalist approach enhances the logo’s versatility and recognizability, ensuring it stands out in various media formats. The design effectively balances tradition with modern aesthetics, reflecting the team’s evolving identity and its continued commitment to excellence in football.

2014 – Today

Albania National Football Team Logo

The current logo of the Albania National Football Team represents the pinnacle of the team’s visual evolution, combining historical elements with a sleek, modern design. The iconic double-headed eagle, a steadfast symbol of Albanian heritage, is depicted in a bold black silhouette, set against a shield-shaped red background. Below the eagle, the acronym “FSHF” (Federata Shqiptare e Futbollit) is prominently displayed, ensuring instant recognition. The shield’s shape conveys protection and strength, while the red background reinforces the team’s fiery spirit and determination. The overall design is minimalist yet impactful, making it highly adaptable across various platforms and media. This logo encapsulates the team’s proud history and forward-looking ambition, serving as a powerful emblem of national pride and football excellence. Its clean lines and bold colors make it an enduring symbol of the team’s identity and aspirations on the international stage.

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