Adult Swim Logo

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Adult Swim Logo
Adult Swim is an American nighttime program, which shows adult-oriented cartoons on the kids’ channel, Cartoon Network. The program was launched in 2001 and is considered to be the best source of adult animation content.

Meaning and history

Adult Swim Logo history

The Adult Swim logo has always been text-based. The current version of the program’s visual identity is the most modern and stylish one.
The original Adult Swim logo was designed in 2001 and consisted of all-caps lettering in a sans-serif typeface, drawn in red. Sometimes the inscription was spelled backward, which was a unique style of the brand.
The red color was changed to black in 2002. All the capital letters we replaced by lowercase, which made the logo look friendlier and more balanced. In some cases, the logo was placed into a black circle but usually was used on its own.
Adult Swim Logo
The current Adult Swim logo was designed in 2003. It features the same lettering in Helvetica Neue Condensed Heavy, but now the square brackets are added to the inscription. The brackets make the logotype’s horizontal placement more harmonized and now it looks stronger and more solid.
The monochrome color palette and traditional typeface from the Neue Haas Grotesk font family make the Adult Swim logo laconic yet progressive. It is a great representation of a strong and popular brand, which creates a colorful and funny content.