7 ways to get a cheap car rental deal in Dubai

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Dubai is a top city in the world. The city is one of the seven emirates located in the United Arabs Emirates in the Middle East. Dubai is a major commercial hub in the world with thousands of businesses and companies marketing their products in the city. Dubai is home to up to 70 malls birthing millions of commercial transactions daily. Every year, thousands of people fly into Dubai daily and the city has some of the best hotels in the world to provide comfort and hospitality to visitors. Dubai is a major centre for commerce and tourism in the Middle East.
 Car rental Dubai offers residents and visitors in Dubai with the opportunity to enjoy trips at rates that are cheaper than the public transportation systems. Furthermore, when you rent a car, you will enjoy more comfort, convenience and ease of use than when you use the public transportation systems. Also, car rentals offer a variety of choices for people to make a pick from. Renting a car in Dubai is the best way to travel in Dubai.
Renting a car at a cheap price is the desire of every car renter in Dubai. If you want to rent a car, you can do several things to get a cheap car rental deal. This article discusses 7 ways to get a cheap car rental deal in Dubai.

  • Do not use the airport car rentals

Car Lease Dubai offers rental cars anywhere within the city of Dubai. For example, some car rental companies operate at the airport to provide rental cars for individuals who are in need of car rental services. However, to get a cheap car rental deal, do not use the airport car rentals because airport car rentals normally collect taxes that are up to 20% of the total cost of renting a car. Therefore, instead of using the airport car rentals, rent a car from a car rental when you leave the airport.

  • Use the early car reservation services

Car rentals operating in Dubai normally provide early car reservation services for individuals that want to book for cars on time. To encourage people to use these services, car rentals normally offer amazing discount rates and include special bonuses for people that use early car reservation services. These discount rates and special bonuses offered by car rental companies makes the car rental deal to become cheap and affordable. Therefore, if you want to get a cheap car rental deal, use the early car reservation services.

  • Rent a car on a long term car rental

Rent a car Dubai services are offered on a short term and long term car rental deal. If you wish to rent a car for a day or week, the short term car rental is available for that purpose. On the other hand, long term car rentals allow you to use a rental car for more than a month or year. Generally, it is better to rent a car for a month than to rent a car every day for a month. Also, long term car rentals have proven to be of better economic benefit to a car renter than the short term car rentals because car rentals remove some taxes from long term rentals and include some rewards in the car rental deal to delight customers who rent a car on a long term basis. To get a cheap car rental deal, rent a car on a long term basis.

  • Hire a private insurance company

All car rental companies operating in Dubai normally have a certain insurance policy that guides renters. Car rentals normally provide insurance cover for some rental cars but at a particular insurance charge. In most cases, the insurance charge requested by the car rental is always high and it makes the car rental deal become expensive. Hence, to get an insurance service that will not make the car rental deal expensive, hire a private insurance company to provide insurance cover for your rental car at a lower charge.

  • Do not prepay for fuel charges

Car rental Dubai offers car rental services that provide round the clock comfort for car renters. Most car rentals have a common rule that a renter must re-fill the tank of the car before returning it. In most cases, the car rentals normally offer deals that will make you prepay for the refilling of the car when making the payment for the vehicle. However, at the end of your car rental deal, you may not even exhaust the fuel in the vehicle. To get a cheap car rental deal, do not prepay for fuel charges, rather refill the car yourself at the nearest fuel station before returning the vehicle to the car rental company. 

  • Seek for alternatives

One way to get a cheap car rental deal is to seek alternatives to the many things that normally increase the cost of renting a car. For example, instead of renting a GPS tracker, use the google map app on your smartphone to locate places you do not know.

  • Do not pay for services you may not use

Renting a car Dubai is all about offering cars that satisfies the needs of a renter. When you rent a car, you will be asked to pay for some services that you may not use. For example, a person that is renting a car for only a day may pay some admin fees for car servicing. To get a cheap car rental deal, do not pay for services you may not use, rather cross check the agreement paper thoroughly to know the services that you are paying for.
In conclusion, Car Rental Dubai is a great way to explore the city of Dubai. However, to rent a car you must up to the age of 21 and you must have a valid driving license in addition to other requirements. Follow all the points mentioned in this article to get a cheap car rental deal and enjoy a fun time in Dubai.