5 Best College Logo Designs

A logo for anything is its identifying symbol. It showcases what the brand or the institute is about and what it stands for. College logos aim to achieve this same symbolism in order to stand out not only through design but also through what they represent. If you still have some of your college’s old merchandise, like a t-shirt or a hat, that you still use, then chances are that your college did a great job with its logo design.

college logos

When it comes to academic logos, there are some very recognizable and well-known names that come to mind. Harvard, for example, has one of the most iconic emblems in the world. That’s fitting too, as the university is one of the very top ones in the world. The students of Harvard can be found in all walks of life, from leading industries to even essay writing services. So, the next time you ask a professional writing service to ‘wrote an essay for me’ to meet a deadline, you might be receiving help from a Harvard student! But other than teaching them to write excellent essays, Harvard also instills values of truth and hard work in all of its students, which is evident even in the university’s stamp.

Colleges’ logos and names can have a big impact on how students see them, which is why it is important to put a lot of work into their design. So while we are on this subject, let’s take a look at some of the best and most recognizable education logos and what they represent.

1. University of Notre Dame

University of notre dame logo

logo university of notre dame

Commonly known as Notre Dame or just ND, this university located in Notre Dame, Indiana, is one of the top educational institutions in the US, boasting a strong research output and a very high graduation rate. As far as the logo is concerned, ND’s is just that: ‘N’ and ‘D’. The two letters overlap each other in deep blue color and a thick gold outline. It is one of the simplest and most modern-looking designs on this list that looks great on pretty much everything.

2. The University of Texas

The University of Texas logo

The University of Texas, UT, is located in Austin and is one of America’s top research universities. Being a public institute, UT attracts students from all over the country and offers some excellent educational programs. It has a strong identity and presence which can be seen in its fierce logo. The silhouette of a longhorn bull’s head is what the university chose for its logo, which is a design that makes itself instantly noticeable. Its minimalist overall look is also appreciated for its timeless nature.

3. Yale University

Yale University logo

Connecticut’s Yale University is one of the most famous ones in the world. It’s also one of the top higher education institutes in the whole world. Founded in 1701, Yale has produced countless leaders and innovators in the world. When it comes to its logo, Yale keeps it very simple. With its name written in a very simple font, without any embellishment or any graphics, Yale distinguishes itself as a serious and professional name in the sea of flashy academic logos.

4. Stanford University

Stanford University logo

Stanford is one of the very first names that come to mind when talking about the best research universities in the world. The private institute has produced some notable alumni that have made some big changes in the world for the better. The logo of Stanford is an homage to the county where it is located. It showcases a redwood tree placed in front of a large ‘S’. The logo is simple, understandable, unique, and very effective all at the same time.

5. Harvard University

Harvard University logo

If you are a student, then you must have heard of Harvard in one way or another even if just through the Harvard citation format, which is used by student writers to cite their assignments or a paper. The logo for Harvard is very well-known because of its red and gold shield inside which the word ‘veritas’ is written. This word means ‘truth’ and has been the most important one out of all Havard University symbols. Before becoming an actual part of the emblem itself, this design was used to symbolize the university for more than two hundred years. This goes to show how important symbols and academic logos can really be for the identity of an institution.


As can be seen in these examples, colleges’ logos and their values go hand in hand. The most important thing to remember in custom education logo design is that it must represent the school it is designed for. Having an arbitrary design in flashy colors and with multiple visual elements may look cool at first but it doesn’t showcase what the school stands for. The best education logos are those that are simple and yet have the character necessary to make them recognizable no matter which part of the world they are being viewed in.