4Tube Logo

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Playful and cartoonish, the logo of the adult website 4Tube doesn’t look like that of any other of its competitors.
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What is 4tube?
4tube is a pornography website, which was created in 2006. Today 4tube is popular among adults from all over the globe, with millions of daily visits to its gallery of x-rated videos.

The highlight of the 4Tube logo is a winking TV set – it’s “face” is grey, while its outline is orange. On the background, you may notice a semi-transparent spermatozoon swimming towards the TV set. To the right, there’s the name of the project given in three colors. The number “4” is black, the word “tube” is orange, while the lettering “com” is grey and smaller than the rest.

4Tube Logo

Also, the logo bears a vague resemblance to a train. The “face” of the TV set is the front part of the train, the sperm cell is the smoke, while the lettering represents the carriages.

Font and Color

The modest and simple inscription from the 4tube visual identity is set in the lowercase of a modern and minimalistic sans-serif typeface, which is pretty close to such well-known fonts as Europa Grotesk and Nimbus Sans Novus Medium.

As for the color palette of the 4tube logo, it is set in black, orange, and white, a combination, which evokes a sense of stability and professionalism, elevated by the fun and playfulness, added by the juicy shade of orange.