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3Movs is a minor American porn website. It’s a free-to-use provider of adult movies without any significant differences from the likes on XVideos or Pornhub. It also doesn’t have as big of a userbase, although there are still hundreds of thousands of regular visitors. The company is a legitimate enough provider.

Meaning and History

The company behind this porn website was started in 2004. It’s an originally American provider with servers all over the world now – primarily in Western Europe. The name doesn’t really suggest anything, although they do try to style it like a TV-channel, and the ‘Movs’ part obviously means ‘movies.

2004 – today

3Movs Logo

The logotype of 3movs depicts the brand’s name and a circle. The name has a white sans-serif typeface with an outline. The blue circle is placed behind it. Due to the multiple gradient shades used both in the name and the circle, the logo has a deep and dynamic look.