11 Logos from Branding Companies

If anyone is going to create a cool logo it’s going to be a branding company. After all, logo design is their bread and butter! So, lets’ see how the logos for these branding companies stack-up.
Here’s a look at 11 such companies looked upon as key players in the design and branding industry and what drives them forward.

Tailor brands

With an easy-to-use online platform that can help scratch a logo for your brand, Tailor Brands caters to one & all. And the logo designing is just the tip of the iceberg as one can brand their products or service across all fronts without having to try too hard. No designing skills, no reading, just a simple, user-friendly platform that does the job right! That’s where the company seeks to make a difference.

Brand Image

Brand Image is home to designers, thinkers, strategists, and marketers who work together to impart meaning and semblance to brands. As a creative organization, it has always been their sole focus to connect deeply with individuals while realizing the goals of the brand experience and long-lasting impact on consumers. Over the years, brand image has built an impressive portfolio of design and branding services for a wide range of industries across critical areas like package and structural design, architecture, and retail experience as well.

Ruckus marketing

From platform design to campaigns that impact consumer actions, Ruckus Marketing has carved a niche of its own working with a string of influencers, companies, and influencers in tandem. Their “core strategic engagements” are meant to uplift the very spirit of every small or medium business and help the brand evolve.


Venthio focuses on building a brand for the business ranging from small scale start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Their vested interest in client satisfaction and offering the full value of one’s investment puts forward the best example of science and art to simplify things for good. Venthio takes pride in their integrated process named I2D, where they seek to reach a benchmark in design methodology and intelligence to make big ideas work towardsmaximum profitability.


Every brand assumes its own identity that makes them stand out in the market against others. At Matchstic, things take a solemn turn as the company focuses on delving deep into your project to gain a comprehensive perspective of your brand value and culture to drive things forward. At the same time, Matchstic also takes into concern the brand reputation, thus aligning its development strategy to meet the basics right.

Brand tuitive

As branding experts, we uniquely articulate who our clients are and what they do in a way that makes them irresistible to their customers. We find the truth about how our clients enrich the lives of their customers and prospects. We gain deep insight into what customers truly desire and how our clients uniquely fulfill those desires.

Brand juice

Starting in 1999, Brand Juice has come a long way to establish itself as a dominant force in branding and hence propelling business growth for a wide range of clients. With deepening of customer engagement model across categories, BrandJuice took time to innovate and design its service line to deliver impact from close quarters.

Bellwether brands

Bellwether fosters an open potential partnership with their clients as they strive to offer the very best in design and technology. The company has a rich history of giving shape and meaning to some of the most beautiful brands, thus helping them to grow their business and potential in tandem.

Brand house

Brandhouse believes in the axiom of “Challenging Yourself” to offer a unique branding solution to one and all clients. The thinking minds at Brandhouse are bent towards delivering not just service-based solutions but connected experiences for brands that grab all eyeballs and influence profitable consumer action as well.


Achieving clarity in visual and verbal designing is one of the essential factors that make a brand stand out. Harping on the same thought, Finien emerged as a close culture consultancy that seeks to offer a fulfilling experience for your brand. Finien have worked alongside a wide range of clients starting from a one-man show to Fortune 500s.

The Branding Journal

Founded in 2014, the branding journal brings forth the best content on brand strategy to educate and enlighten industry people. As such, they offer an exclusive report on marketing nuances, brand positioning, brand image, rebranding and the immense insight into how one can deliver their very best in empowering their company, no matter where you are placed, or you work.