10 Casino Logos That Have Stood The Test of Time

Creating a logo is certainly not an easy business because it should be recognisable and memorable at a single glance. Essentially, brand logos are the visual representation of services and products, and that is why they have a great significance and should be designed in such a way so as to command the attention of customers.

The same rings true also when the online gambling industry is concerned as casino operators tend to invest a lot of effort into creating a memorable logo. This is not so surprising, especially when the pace at which the gambling industry keeps on developing is taken into account. Since the competition between gambling operators is cut-throat, it is only natural that they give their best to catch the attention of players with the services they offer.

Gambling operators no longer put a strong emphasis only on their portfolios and promotional deals as they lay stress also on the way their websites look and feel so that they could stand out from the crowd.

Speaking of the portfolios of online casinos, the UK Commission required changes of the slot design of recent so as to make them safer for gambling enthusiasts.

In this article, we will focus our attention on the logos of ten brick-and-mortar and online casinos that already come into their own.

1. MGM Grand Logo

MGM Grand Logo

The designers of the MGM Grand Casino logo have paid attention to the smallest details, and the result is evident as it is easily recognisable, which undoubtedly helped it endure the test of time.
The MGM Grand logo consists of the casino brand and an image of a lion. It is a pretty simple and yet memorable logo, and its colour is also smartly chosen as it is golden.
But it is not only the simplicity of the design that has made the logo of the MGM Grand one of players’ favourite logos. Actually, the symbolics of the elements the MGM Grand has chosen for its logo also draws the attention of gambling enthusiasts and helps this design remain in place.
As you might already know, gold has always been associated with power and wealth. The lion, on the other hand, symbolises determination and willingness to face the challenges of life.

2. Bellagio Hotel and Casino Logo

Bellagio Hotel and Casino Logo

Similarly to the MGM Grand, Bellagio Hotel and Casino utilises an incredibly elegant, yet simple logo, which is unmistakable. Once again, the name of the casino is included in the logo, which boasts a huge letter B written in a flamboyant cursive font using golden. Another thing that might make an impression on you is that the rest of the letters from the name of the casino are written using silver.
In spite of the fact that the Bellagio Hotel and Casino logo does not have such a symbolic meaning as the one of MGM Grand, for example, it is elegant and simplistic enough to hold the attention of players, and of course, to resist the test of time.

3. Ocean Resort Casino Logo

Ocean Resort Casino Logo

Ocean Resort Casino is one of the newest casinos in Atlantic City, and it comes with a logo that is a cut above the logos of the rest of the casinos in Las Vegas. Needless to say, the theme of Ocean Resort Casino revolves around the ocean, and the logo of the casino goes to show that.
Although Ocean Resort Casino’s logo lacks the elegance and exuberance of the above-mentioned casino logos, this does not make it less memorable or notable. As likely as not, the designers of the logo have wanted to make it easy on the eye as the dominating hues are blue.
Without a doubt, the Ocean Resort Casino Logo blends with the overall theme of the Ocean Resort Casino and its steadfast image, which is the reason why it is so hugely recognised by gambling enthusiasts and, of course, has endured over time.

4. The Venetian Macao Logo

The Venetian Macao Logo

If we need to focus our attention on some of the most exuberant casinos with their eye-catching logos, we should certainly mention Venetian Macao. In spite of the fact that it is largely modelled after its Las Vegas sister, its logo is unlikely to stay under the radar.
As you might expect, the Venetian Macao logo is coloured in gold, but what makes it stand out from the crowd is that it features a winged lion that is holding something like a scroll with the first letter from the name of the casino.
Apparently, there is a good reason why a winged lion is used by the designers of the logo as it is associated with the Lion of Venice, which is a bronze statue located in Italy. Interestingly enough, winged lions are also highly praised by the citizens of Macau.
In spite of the fact that the reference might seem a bit strange to players at first, Venetian Macao’s logo is certainly among the logos that are here to stay.

5. Karjala Kasino Logo

Karjala Kasino Logo

Although Karjala Kasino is one of the less-known online casinos on the market, its logo undoubtedly draws the attention of players right out of the gate. In fact, Karjala Kasino caters to the needs of Finnish players, and provides them with a wide variety of thrilling games, intuitive design, and logo that is certainly out of the common run.
Interestingly enough, its logo is inspired by the Karelian culture, which is a fusion of Finnish, Russian, and Scandinavian cultures. The designers of the logo have used a handful of colours, including red, yellow, and white, and the selection of these colours is not fortuitous.
With this in mind, the logo of the casino is certainly going to catch the attention of players as soon as they land on the website as it is reminiscent of an embroidery. For that reason, it is of little surprise that Karjala Kasino’s logo is among the most recognisable casino logos and its presence is likely to run on.

6. 21 Casino Logo

21 Casino is one of the online gambling sites in the UK that attract the greatest amount of attention, and it boasts one of the most interesting logos you can stumble upon. This casino logo is certainly one of a kind as it features an incredibly intricate crown with a three-leafed clover, comprising the numbers 2 and 1. Right below it, players will notice the name of the casino that is also written using golden hues.
The designers of the logo have undoubtedly taken it upon themselves to create something extraordinary that is eye-catching and memorable, and as it seems, they have attained their goal as the appeal of this logo is unlikely to wane over time.

7. Oshi Casino Logo

Oshi Casino Logo

Oshi Casino has been around since 2015 and now, it is one of the most renowned casinos that process payments via Bitcoin. There is no denying that this is one of the most endearing logos you might stumble upon while looking for an online casino to play at.
The designers have decided to use the all-time modern black-white-red theme for their logo, which aside from the name of the casino features a cute red creature that is wearing a crown.
As it seems, the designers have shown much creativity while styling the logo of the casino, and have wanted to make sure that it will receive full marks. Their efforts have certainly not gone in vain as the logo of the casino is easy on the eyes and is likely to continue to turn heads.

8. High Noon Casino Logo

High Noon Logo

As likely as not, the logo of High Noon Casino might appeal to those who are particularly interested in Western movies. The logo of the casino is set against a wooden board, and right above it, players will notice a pair of dice. The letters from the name of the casino look as if they are burning as they feature red and yellow hues.
It goes without saying that the designers have not wanted to introduce a bashful logo, but instead to come up with a script that is out of the ordinary and dazzling at the same time. Apparently, they have succeeded as High Noon Casino’s logo undoubtedly stands out from the crowd.

9. 32Red Casino Logo

32red logo

When some of the most frequented online casinos are concerned, 32Red is certainly a gaming website that should be mentioned. In spite of the fact that the logo of the casino is rather simple, this does not make it less appealing. In fact, it only consists of the name of the casino that is written in white and is set against a bright red background. If you take a closer look at it, you will notice that the number looks as if it is stamped on a bingo ball.
With its simple, yet pleasant design, no refinements need to be made on the logo of the casino. 32Red has undoubtedly cemented its position on the online gambling scene as one of the major players, and the design of its logo undoubtedly helps it remain in the lead.

10. 888casino

888 logo

If you are not a total novice in playing casino games online, perhaps, the name 888casino rings a bell to you. This interactive casino impresses with its user-friendly website and portfolio that is overflowing with thrilling games. Yet, 888 casino design is not the only feature of the casino that has caused a stir as its logo is among the most memorable ones available out there.

With its green neon colours, the logo of the casino simply cannot be mistaken for any other. In spite of its inherent simplicity, 888casino’s logo is instantly recognisable and stands tall above others.