Oracle Logo

Oracle Logo

The Oracle Corporation is a multinational company developing and selling computer hardware and software. It is based in Redwood Shores, California.

Oracle Logo Meaning and history

Logo Oracle

The company founded in 1977 was initially named Software Development Laboratories. Five years later it was renamed Oracle Systems Corporation, which was the moment when the need for a new logo arose. The corporation developed two versions of its logo: the Oracle Signature and the Oracle Red Badge.

The Signature Oracle logo includes the name of the company (red) on the white background. The wordmark looks pretty similar, but the colors are reversed: the name of the company is given in white on the red background. Also, for onscreen use, a custom RGB gradient may be applied.

Font of the Oracle Logo

Font Oracle Logo

The minimalistic yet recognizable custom type is one of the things that contribute to the overall visual appeal of the wordmark. The clear sans-serif font looks unique, the most unusual characters being probably “E”, “A”, and “R”.

Color of the Oracle Logo

Color Oracle Logo

Both the versions of the Oracle logo feature the same shade of red, which is called the Oracle Red (Pantone PMS 485). It is complemented with white. In some cases, for instance, in newspapers, a black-and-white version may be used.

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