Obama Logo

Obama Logo

The presidential campaign designed and conducted for Barack Obama in 2008 was highly memorable. One of the reasons for this was the Obama logo, which represented a stylized “O”.

Meaning and history Obama Logo

Logo Obama

The emblem was created by the Sender LLC design firm headquartered in Chicago. The head of the project was Sol Sender, the firm’s creative director. His team consisted of three designers, including Amanda Gentry and Andy Keene. The project started at the end of 2006, the logo was launched in February 2007.

Symbol Obama

Symbol Obama

Barack Obama logo sports the letter “O”, divided in two parts. The upper half is blue, while below it there are three red stripes. In the original version of the emblem, the stripes were symmetrical, but eventually the designers decided to give the emblem a little bit more dimension.

Obama emblem ideas that were rejected

Obama emblem

There were almost 10 options to choose from. We can mention a rather simple blue wordmark and several versions that featured a “b” character resembling the figure “8”. Also, the design team suggested a symbol that looked like an exclamation mark with two lines, blue and red.

Font of the Obama Logo

Font Obama Logo

The simple serif font is actually a clipped version of the Requiem typeface. It was presumably created by John Slabyk and Scott Thomas who were responsible for the typography of the logo.

Color of the Obama Logo

Color Obama Logo

The color scheme included two shades of blue (a darker and a lighter one), red, and white.

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