Instagram Logo

Instagram is a popular media sharing and social network platform, which has been around since 2010. Introduced by Kevin Systrom, it grew into a massive international network by 2012, when Facebook purchased it.

Instagram Logo Meaning and history


Instagram logo has pretty much paved the platform’s way. Over its brief history, the network has changed a couple of logos. All based on the shape of an instant camera, the known Instagram logo versions have been reflective of the network’s key designation – sharing photographs.

Old Instagram logo

The very first Instagram logo was designed by Kevin Systrom himself, and it was actually an image of a real camera with a rainbow strip. At that time it was reflective of what Instagram was generally used for – taking and sharing pics and applying different hues to them via a filter. However, later he realized that designing a logo took a subtler approach, so he hired Cole Rise, a photographer and designer, to generate a better idea. Cole came up with a simpler image of a mobile camera.

New Instagram logo

Today, Instagram boasts a much broader functionality, which has extended to Hyperlapses, Boomerangs, and collages. The new logo version is testifies to this new range of opportunities.

Instagram app logo

The new Instagram logo design is based on the previous one. Though it does retain all key features of the old logo, it is dramatically different. The change sparked heated debates across the Instagram community.

Symbol of the Instagram Logo

Now, Instagram logo is a minimalistic sunset-colored outline of the original Polaroid cam image.

Emblem of the Instagram Logo


The smooth transition from light orange to twilight blue (or vice versa) symbolizes progress and creates an optimistic image of a new day coming.

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