Green Bay Packers Logo

The Green Bay Packers are an American football team competing in the NFL. The club is a member of the national Football Conference North Division. The club was founded in 1919.

Green Bay Packers Logo Meaning and history

logo Green Bay Packers history

The team’s first primary logo appeared in i951 and was in use until 1955. It featured an orange football and a green “Packers” wordmark with a huge “P”. The next logo (1956-1961) was an image of a football with a quarterback on a green Wisconsin-shaped background. The next logo was a prototype of the current one. That was a white oval “G” on a green oval background. This version was in use since 1961 until 1979.

Shape of the Green Bay Packers Logo

The current primary Green Bay Packers logo is that same white “G” on that same green oval background, except it is lined with a yellow border. Most likely, it was added because this logo appears on the players’ helmets. This logo version was accepted in 1980 and is in use so far.

Colors of the Green Bay Packers Logo

The logo uses dark green, yellow, and white – a combination, which expresses perseverance, eagerness to win, excellence, and strength. The yellow line exerts a kind of encouraging effect and has motivating power.

Font of the Green Bay Packers Logo

The alternate Green Bay Packers logo is a yellow square featuring the primary logo and the “Packers” wordmark beneath, which is written in a stencil font.