Comcast Logo


Comcast is a US cable operator and telecommunications service provider. It has been around since 1963, and today it has a staff of about 130,000 employees.

Comcast Logo Meaning and history

The Comcast logo history began in 1968, when the company changed its name from American Cable System to Comcast. Over the company’s lifespan, the logo has undergone at least four modifications.

The first Comcast logo appeared in 1969 and was in use until 1999. It featured an emblem depicting two Cs, one inside the other, placed inside a TV-screen-shaped figure.

The next logo version sported a red crescent instead of the TV screen. The crescent enclosed the capital C of the company name and made the logo visible.

This logo was modified when Comcast merged with AT&T broadband (2001): the AT&T was added to the existing Comcast logo.

Shape of the Comcast Logo


The current Comcast logo was accepted in 2012. It is strongly reminiscent of the NBC logo and features a combination of six petals and the wordmark just below. The new logo raised a lot of criticism, and there are reasons to believe that the incorrect choice of the logo contributed to a decrease in corporate income.

Colors of the Comcast Logo


The petals are arranged in a rainbow color pattern. The NBC colors were meant to demonstrate the company’s relation to TV.

Font of the Comcast Logo


The wordmark is written in a custom typerface, which combines serif and non-serif.

comcast symbol