CNN Logo


Cable News Network (CNN) started off in 1980, and today it is one of the world’s top English-language TV networks.  It is renowned for its 24-hour news reports in all parts of the world.

CNN Logo Meaning and History


The CNN logo has been around since the network’s inception, because it hit the mark from the very beginning. It represents the channel in an iconic way, and it has become part of the modern world culture. It gives the network a strong and lasting identity. It continues to prove its effectiveness and consistency by making the channel more popular around the globe.

cnn money logo

Shape of the CNN Logo


The CNN logo is an uninterrupted red double strip that bends and curves to form the acronym. The simplistic image expresses the channel’s unfaltering striving for perfection and innovation.

Colors of the CNN Logo


The red color symbolizes passion, elegance, persistence, and fame. It complements all sorts of intros and backgrounds and emphasizes the company’s adherence to its basic principles, which have carried it through time and space.

Font of the CNN Logo


The signature CNN logo font was designed by Anthony Guy Bost.

cnn symbol