Apple Logo


Apple is one of the world’s top consumer electronics manufacturers, whose products include smartphones and computers, as well as software and facilities for online services.

Apple logo history


The 1976 Newton Crest logo was more of a piece that deserved a place on the wall in an arts gallery than a logo! It depicted the scientist sitting under an apple tree with an apple hanging right above his head. There was a ribbon winding around the picture with “Apple Computer Co.” written on it. This logo would not last a year. Steve Jobs said he wanted a simpler, catchier, and more modern logo that the first one. A logo, which was almost the same as its current one (except for color) was introduced in 1976 and was there until 1998. The 1976-1998 logo was an apple with rainbow stripes. There are several reasons for that: Steve Jobs wanted people to “think differently”, because the colors were organized in an order different from rainbow. Also, he strove to humanize the symbol and emphasize the company’s specialization in color graphics. Finally, a colored logo would be more conspicuous and memorable.

Apple symbol


Later, Jobs confessed that he had gone on a fruitarian diet and visited an apple farm, and it was then that the idea came to him. Rob Janoff, a graphic designer, suggested an image of an apple with a “bite”, so that it would not be confused with other fruits.

Apple logo meaning


There is also more about the ‘bite’ taken out of the apple than just distinction from a cherry or any other fruit. Indeed, the idea goes back to the time of Adam and Eve, who bit from the apple of knowledge. Thus, the image suggests human thirst for knowledge, and using Apple products would help people get knowledge and quench it. Also, the ‘bite’ symbolically puns with ‘byte’ – the unit of digital data.

Shape and colors Apple Logo


After shutting down the ‘rainbow’ logo in 1998, Steve decided to use a monochromatic apple image. The logo’s shape remained unchanged. The reason was that the many-colored logo did not go well with the metal casing of new Mac computers. Today, the logo comes in different colors depending on the background.

It should be noted that there were a few color transformations in between. In 1999, an Aqua-themed version of the logo was introduced, and it was in use until 2003. In 2007 the designer team came up with a glass-themed logo, which was used until 2013.