Adidas Logo

adidas logo

The brand is among the world’s biggest sportswear business sharks. It takes quite a bit of power and endurance to survive the continuing clash of the business titans just like Adidas.

Adidas logo history

adidas logo history

Over the brand’s history, it has had three logo modifications: Three Stripes, Trefoil, and Three Bars. This appears to be a remarkable example of how great a favor a proper logo design can do to a business. Although the three logo versions look different, they leave zero doubt in people’s minds about the company they represent.

Adidas logo meaning

adidas logo meaning

The three-stripe pattern originated when Adolf Dassler had to return to shoe production after a breakup with Rudolf Dassler his brother and business co-owner, who was already using a two-line pattern for his product. The lines in all logo versions represent an eternal movement straight ahead and toward the victory.

Adidas logo shirt

adidas logo shirt

The Trefoil (1972) is an Adidas logo that appears on shirts, pullovers, shoes, and other clothes representing Adidas Originals – a line that veers toward casual sports clothing rather than professional sportswear.

Adidas symbol

adidas symbol

The black color symbolizes excellence, elegance and perseverance – qualities, without which one can hardly ever make a good athlete!

The 2005 Adidas emblem

This version of the Adidas emblem seems simpler and clearer than any of its predecessors. It features the iconic three stripes next to the name of the company in lowercase letters. The stripes may be regarded as the symbol of the three companies creating the Adidas Group.

adidas emblem

adidas new logo